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World Aikido Aikikai India

“People who practice Aikido, should be recognized as the best artists in the world. It is easy to create something good, with good materials, however, we perform a Martial Art that is designed to destroy and kill people, which is something people dislike / reject.
With these poor materials, we cultivate a society of friendship and build peaceful minds, that people desire.
Every Aikido technique has that mind, that heart.”
– S. Nishio


World Aikido Aikikai India is official representative of the World Aikido Aikikai Incorporated. World Aikido Aikikai Incorporated is linked to Hombu Dojo in Japan by board Chairman Founder and Chief Technical Advisor Rev. Zenko N. Okimura 7th dan Shihan. WAAI(USA) headquarters are currently located at Aikido Delaware Aikikai in Newark, DE.




World Aikido Aikikai India is created for all people who seek to enhance their quality of life by educating and creating self-awareness through Aikido and developing and practicing the Founder's principles of love, caring, inclusiveness, justice, and peace to enrich all individuals, our families, and our communitiy.




Rana Dutta

Rana Dutta began his Aikido study in 1992 and trained in two different styles of aikido schools.  Rana is the first Indian to begin aikido training in India that has received his Dan from Aikikai Hombu Dojo. 

He received his Dan from Shihan Zenko N. Okimura. Shihan Okimura holds a 7th Dan rank from Aikikai Hombu Dojo Japan. Founder and Chief Instructor of WAAI(India).

Rana has attended International Aikido seminar held in Germany conducted by Shihan Katsuaki Asai and Shihan Tsuruzo Miyamoto.

His wish is to dedicate himself to the development of the human consciousness and the spreading of peace and harmony through intensive Aikido training and living the teachings of Aikido in daily life.

"Rana Dutta is a fine example of the devoted student of the Martial Arts tradition. His diligence to his art of Aikido, his tenacity despite hardships and distance is quite unique. His future success is well earned. To all who read this, I urge you to support his continued work to further Aikido in India."

Sensei Stephi Vajran
Nishio Aiki To-Ho Iai. 
5th Dan Aikikai, Weapons.
6th Dan Aikido To-Ho (Iaido),